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Carella     Jewellers

Do you repair jewellery ?

I only repair jewellery that was purchased from Carella Jewellers. 

Why are you Custom Orders Closed for the Foreseeable future?

To able to keep a balanced Home\Work Life this is what I have implemented. 

*I am building a new website with online shop with Afterpay & Zip Pay on a different E-commerce platform and combining this one with it. 

*I am Creating new designs, using new techniques of

manufacture to sell on new website. 

*I work 2 days a week in another business. 

How long have you bee a Jeweller ?

Since 2006

Can I use my old gold?

I prefer to use new metal in all makes due to, I cannot guarantee there is no foreign particles in the melt and it is possible that remelted metal can crack / have hairline fractures years later, for no obvious reason, I have experienced this personally in a piece I made for my mother, approximately 5 years later the ring had hairline fractures over half of it only.

By remelting metal that is from all different suppliers, over various years, with differing alloys can be problematic. It often cracks when rolling it out, to make the pieces from.

Then it will have to be remelted again, each remelt costs $120.

I will not warranty pieces made from scrap metals.

I will only consider melting Yellow Gold, 9ct or 18ct.

I will not remelt any White Gold types.

Rose Gold can sometimes work. Dependent on the alloy.

If you have old gold you no longer want, this can be used as a credit towards your new make. I am unable to give cash for gold as I do not have a second hand dealers license.

Do you buy stones or gold off people?

No, I do not have a Second Hand Dealers license so I cannot buy stones or gold.

You can try Antique Dealers or Cash for Gold places.

I bought a Diamond online will you set it into a ring for me?

Purchasing Diamonds online is risky business. If they have been "treated" this could mean various things, some of which can destroy the stone if you don't know HOW it was treated, when you go to clean it. A few different types of "treatments" are, laser drilled, fracture filled, heat treated/irradiated.

I will not accept the risk of being liable for setting a Diamond I have not purchased myself from my Diamond Dealer.

Do you do Jewellery Valuations?

No I am not a Registered Valuer. If you are looking for a local Rockhampton Based Valuer. Try Spectrum Jewellery Valuation Services, Jan Baker. Ph. 0427203015