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Carella     Jewellers

About Us

Quality Hand Manufactured Jewellery

This Website is dedicated to the Designs I have made over the last 9 years. 

Proudly Australian Owned, Designed & Made. Designs are not Mass Manufactured.

“Coming Soon” a dedicated Website Shop.

Mission: Everyday I Design and Make Unique pieces of jewellery that 

cannot be found anywhere else.

Vision: To be regarded as one of Central Queensland’s 

leading and in demand Designer Manufacturing Jeweller. 

Values: Integrity & Passion

Quality & Originality

Accountability & Communication 

*Custom Orders are temporarily closed. 

Reopening 28th March 2021.*

If you would like to be added to 

Waitlist, to be notified first

 when Custom Orders Reopen,

please Email me at 

[email protected] 

with type of Custom Order

date it is required for.

Please Note: I only repair jewellery that was purchased from Carella Jewellers.

Location: Servicing Rockhampton & Gracemere & Surrounding Areas QLD Australia since 2011. 

Jewellery for every occasion.

Photos with model by Kandee Apples Photography

Differences between pricing of Handmade & Cast Jewellery

The majority of my pieces are handmade, I prefer this method overall. 

Handmade has more skill, time and artistic features to it.

I am transparent in what methods I will be using to construct your piece &

the pricing will reflect that.

Hand Manufacturing is more time intensive than CAD/Cast.

Rolling metal through the rolling mill changes the internal grain structure of the metal (hand manufactured). 

Although I believe Cast Pieces have their place & if I do have a piece cast, usually I have hand

carved the original out of wax myself, and its my design. Sometimes I then have a master

mould made, so that design is repeatable, for my Stock pieces. 

Clients will always be told whether their Jewellery was Handmade or Wax Carved/Cast, or

CAD/Cast (computer aided design) or a combination of two types.

Most pieces found in large retail Jewellery Stores are Cast and Mass Manufactured  (unless

specified otherwise - assume it is) Often they are hollowed out to make them weigh less - this

can make them structurally weak, thin, easier to dint/break/damage. Before purchasing

bargain priced jewellery have a look underneath it to see if its hollow.