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Carella      Jewellers

About Us

Quality Hand Manufactured Jewellery


Everyday we work directly with clients to design and realise their dream piece together.


To be regarded as one of Central Queensland’s leading and in demand Custom Manufacturing Jeweller.


Integrity & Passion

Quality & Originality

Accountability, Communication & The Customer Experience

Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Consultations

will be limited to Video Call or Emails.

Phone: 0407554160

ABN: 19 962 862 128

Quotations For Future Orders Still Available.

Australian Owned, Designed & Made. Designs are not Mass Manufactured.

Please Note: I only repair jewellery that was purchased from Carella Jewellers.

Location: Servicing Rockhampton & Gracemere & Surrounding Areas QLD Australia since 2011. 

For more pictures of Commissioned Work made by Carolyn click here

Jewellery for every occasion.

Photos with model by Kandee Apples Photography


Differences between pricing of Handmade & Cast Jewellery

The majority of my pieces are handmade, I prefer this method overall. 

Handmade has more skill, time and artistic features to it.

I am transparent in what methods I will be using to construct your piece &

the pricing will reflect that.

Hand Manufacturing is more time intensive than CAD/Cast.

Rolling metal through the rolling mill changes the internal grain structure of the metal (hand manufactured). 

Although I believe Cast Pieces have their place & if I do have a piece cast, usually I have hand

carved the original out of wax myself, and its my design. Sometimes I then have a master

mould made, so that design is repeatable, for my Stock pieces. 

Clients will always be told whether their Jewellery was Handmade or Wax Carved/Cast, or

CAD/Cast (computer aided design) or a combination of two types.

Most pieces found in large retail Jewellery Stores are Cast and Mass Manufactured  (unless

specified otherwise - assume it is) Often they are hollowed out to make them weigh less - this

can make them structurally weak, thin, easier to dint/break/damage. Before purchasing

bargain priced jewellery have a look underneath it to see if its hollow.